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Amy Danielson Paul

Celebrity Trainer + Movement Coach, Head of Programming at Under the Sisterhood, LLC. and Executive Director at Sistergood

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United States

On the positive side, women’s health is being talked about more and slowly becoming less stigmatized. Women are engaging in more conversations about life experiences and body and hormonal changes. These conversations are finally being opened up in more public spaces and with men. Advertisements are showing more diversity around women’s health and body images. In addition, the wellness industry continues to expand and more holistic modalities are becoming easier to find and implement into one’s lifestyle.

However, I also see women losing touch with their divine design and nature and succumbing to the pressures of society to find a “magic pill or potion”. This has already had an adverse effect on women’s health and will continue to have an adverse effect in the future on many different levels. In addition, the amount of stress women are under now has increased. This is due to many factors i.e. economic climate, post-covid issues, covid, more women becoming the sole income earners in the family.

Rooting oneself in a balanced lifestyle that honors one’s needs, desires, work, family, and well-being. This is already difficult for people, and women especially. I believe it will become even more difficult as our world is changing more rapidly than ever and technology is increasing. While there are many advantages to technology, it is also important we maintain our connection to self and others.

The answer is exactly the challenge – Root oneself in a balanced lifestyle that honors one’s needs, desires, work, family, and well-being! It can be challenging (although it doesn’t have to be), but one must do it in order to live a preventable vs. a curable lifestyle. The catalyst is to be preventative and prioritize the different aspects of your health and wellbeing. Don’t wait until you are sick, in the hospital, have broken something and can’t move before you wake up to the reality that what you are living is creating disease and havoc in your life. Prevent vs. Cure.

Connect to nature. Take time to detox from tech. Remember who you are is unique, valued, and magnificent. Develop and nurture meaningful relationships and cultivate a strong support system. Be kind. Be generous. Be understanding. Stop ‘die’ting and start living through healthy nutrition. Move your body – walk, stretch, yoga, dance, run…whatever it is is, choose what works for you and feel it energize you. Find your unique balance in life that serves you best – everyone’s ‘balance’ is different. Release the societal pressures of ‘keeping up,’ that have you living on autopilot. Live a life that brings you joy and allows for you to be at your best. And have fun…we are here to have fun! Laugh a lot. Be intentional with your time and immerse yourself in activities and people that light you up. Your time is now.

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