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Danielle Keiser

High-impact menstrual health leader and women’s health consultant

Founder of the Menstrual Health Hub (MH Hub), a collective impact network and Madami, a purpose-driven advisory and innovation agency specializing in women’s* health and wellness.

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United States

Women and people with cycles are speaking up and sharing their common experiences of being gaslit and getting extremely uninformed, sub-par care from their healthcare providers and the medical system in general. This is enabling a whole sector of femtech and healthtech to arise to fill the gap in adequate healthcare.

The major challenges I foresee are: Ensuring that under-represented groups’ voices and experiences do not continue to go unheard or unseen because of white supremacy. They matter and their livelihoods are the most at-risk in society.

Providing more support for women* where they work, live and play as they make the peri-menopausal transition from their reproductive phase to menopause and beyond.

Preventing corporations from pink-washing their efforts without actually doing anything meaningful to address gender equity and equal access to opportunities between men, women and gender-diverse people

Adequate institutionalized healthcare that looks at the whole person and not just their symptoms.

Supporting and investing in female founders and femtech companies.

Having many more action-oriented male allies where we work, live and play.

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