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Dr Victoria Kinkaid FRSA

Army doctor and women’s health enthusiast | Rising Star 2022 | Podcast Hostess | MSc Global Health | @Virago_Voices on instagram

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United Kingdom

A general spike in interest and also understanding. I remember being in medical school not long ago and women’s health was not discussed widely, and my colleagues had limited understanding on periods and menopause. Now when I teach medical students, they know a lot more about these topics which is wonderful!

Continuing this momentum! There are clearly “trendy” topics in women’s health, menopause definitely being a big one, with lots of other women’s health issues like Female Genital Mutilation or PMDD which are still overlooked or poorly taught.

More education! Both for healthcare professionals but also for women and people with female genitalia. The more people know and can advocate for themselves, the better! And with more education for healthcare professionals, these conditions will be identified, treated and researched more effectively!

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