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Gayathri Delanerolle

Clinical Trialist, Researcher & Chartered Scientist | Academic & Healthcare experience | Women’s Health Advocate | Women’s Health | Data Science | AI | Precision Medicine | Medical Technology| Global Health

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United Kingdom

We are starting to use real-world data to explore healthcare outcomes for women. This approach has worked well for COVID-19 in particular so we now have an opportunity to replicate this in women’s health. which I think is incredibly important. Accessing real-world data is highly regulated in most parts of the world. We need to find solutions to work together to gain insights from existing clinical data to better plan and design healthcare services to provide better care for women. The same data can be incredibly useful to understand long term efficacy and effectiveness of existing treatments.

Based on my experience, there are three main challenges in women’s health; firstly the funding landscape is a significant hurdle to conduct robust patient centred, ethically appropriate, scientifically and clinically relevant research, expansion of clinical services for women and workplace policies that are “women friendly”. I believe each of these challenges are inter-connected which means we need to simultaneously approach these issues to reach a resolution.

Improving awareness of women’s health issues, taking a globalised approach to women’s health using life course approaches and utilising clinical data to better inform therapeutic design would be important catalysts to address these challenges.

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