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Iris Verstappen

Founder and CEO of Cycle Seeds. A company focusing on holistic and inclusive reproductive health + pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

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The Netherlands

What I have mainly observed in my field of cyclical and hormonal health is that women are seeking more and more help outside of the medical system and wanting to take charge of and understand their own body, natural cycle and overall health – and if they are not feeling well, how to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes.

The challenges that are currently happening and that I am foreseeing is that women will continue to have unrealistic expectations – i.e. expecting they will receive all the care and tips they desire in the medical system. I see this every week in my practice.

I feel there needs to be more effort around educating women on where to receive the care they desire, and more emphasis on creating a TEAM of care providers from various fields rather than expecting to get everything from the medical system. This sets women up for failure and disappointment while there are SO many options!

The way in which I am currently tackling this is by offering a Holistic Hormone & Cycle Coaching Certification Training aimed at educating practitioners to be the bridge between the client and the medical system. It’s not either/or. I believe people can be served by holistic practitioners and still get the tests and diagnosis they need in the medical system.

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