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Jacqeline Steenbeek

Founder and CEO of MOM PWDR. The first and only nutritional supplement that really listens to a women’s body and focuses on the best support for the baby’s development. The MOM PWDR supplements are tailored to the 6 phases surrounding pregnancy.

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The Netherlands

What I see is that there are more and more studies based on the female body. Before studies on the human body were done mostly on men, and therefore there were a lot of recommendations for men and women in general. But since the female body works totally different compared to the male body, results or certain outcome of these recommendations where also different.

To create awareness that women’s health needs to be preventive, and not solution-oriented. Many things such as certain illnesses are controllable by living a healthy lifestyle. Work-out, be positive, eat healthy and take the right supplements. All of these subjects contribute to the health of women.

Be open about these subjects. Help each other growing as a person. Have the right mindset and have certain knowledge of how the body works and what effect certain influences can have on you. Learn from it and become stronger.

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