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Nancy Agarwala

Sex Educator, Personal Counsellor, Chartered Accountant, Fashion Businesswoman, I write on Sex, Culture, Relationships & Feelings

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Women are not aware of the precautions and prevention they must adapt to. Once they get to know more about it they can work towards it. They have become more conscious about their fitness and are willing to work on their body inside.

Many women are working in both professional and household capacities. They look after their family needs and don’t give enough time to themselves. So they can put effort to take care of the family, but forget about self-care.

Unappreciated, unpaid and unrecognised household work is like a given for women. They may get mentally exhausted by it. Conditioning of women especially in rural areas is such that they don’t know about their own requirements. Making them realise the myths will be a great task.

A healthy eating lifestyle demands a lot of time and energy, so women may tend to replace it with packed foods and have become dependent on supplements, which are unhealthy.

Women can say No, and ask for assistance. While men can be more considerate and compassionate.
Parenting guidance can change the way in which the value systems of both boys and girls can grow.
A great business venture to dig hands-on. To provide nutritious food. Sex Education and creating awareness with guidance that can be implemented.

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