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Roni Kramer

Founder & CEO – Kamedis Ltd. – Botanically-Based Skincare Products, Green Mountain- Phytoactives for skin health

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As an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, I have witnessed a notable shift in the industry, with more women stepping into roles as entrepreneurs and leaders. This change has brought fresh perspectives and innovation, particularly in the FemTech sector. A deep understanding of women’s needs is crucial for driving the desired change in this area. Many women, myself included, have likely thought during routine check-ups that the approach could benefit from a woman’s perspective. It’s encouraging to see this shift happening now!
However, this transformation isn’t limited to FemTech. The increasing presence of women in the health industry is bringing diverse management skills and visionary approaches that are reshaping the field. Women’s contributions are becoming more recognized and valued, leading to a more inclusive and effective health industry.

One of the major challenges in the next three years will be supporting women in their demanding journeys. Balancing professional responsibilities with childbirth and raising children can be emotionally and physically exhausting. I’ve seen women returning to work just days after giving birth, striving to be superheros and match men’s productivity levels. This is a significant mistake for society, as it can harm women’s health.
The key is to celebrate gender differences and leverage the strengths that each brings to the table. Recognizing and valuing these differences will lead to a more inclusive and supportive environment, benefiting both individuals and society as a whole.

An effective catalyst for addressing these challenges would be a top-down approach that involves changes in government policies to support women and the women’s health industry. This includes implementing educational programs starting from childhood to empower young girls and promote gender equality. By fostering an environment where women are supported and celebrated for their unique contributions, we can create lasting change and address the challenges we face more effectively.

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