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Valentina Biglia

Founder & CEO @ FindYourBra. FindYourBra helps women find the bras size and models that are most suitable for them in full privacy and autonomy.

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From my point of view there is more awareness about women’s health issues in general.

This is due to several factors:
a) Communication and social networks: women’s health is certainly a trend. We see the birth of platforms that talk about topics that have been taboo for many years from sex to endometriosis. De-stigmatize menstruation, pleasure or breast cancer, for example, makes women feel freer to share their experiences and this allow to blend science with real patients’ experience: accelerating results and solutions.

b) Self-awareness & holistic approach: we can surely thank oriental practices such as yoga or meditation that make us connect more with our body and with the “how do I feel?” question, this makes us much more aware, stop the autopilot and practice a self-check. On the other hand, there is a trend toward taking a more holistic view of women’s health, considering factors like nutrition, environment, stress and lifestyle that can impact overall well being. For example there are several scientific studies that show the importance of wearing the correct bra improves women’s health (Source: link) if we investigate and approach women’s health in a holistic and integral way, we can achieve better results for their well being. This is what we aim to do with FindYourBra.

c) Customization: providing healthcare tailored to the individual woman is becoming recognized as a priority.

d) AI. There are inspiring examples of where application of AI to women’s health has helped in the efficiency of clinical care delivery. AI is set to be the powerhouse of future health.

We are collecting every day a lot of data: for me the biggest challenge will be to transform this data into useful data to effectively improve women’s health & well being.

For example:
– Genito-pelvic pain is still an obstacle in many cases to lead a normal life.
– Breast is still considered the fourth largest barrier to participation in physical activity. Source: link.

Reduce the complexity of information and educate: so that any woman can access and participate in the co-creation of improved women’s health services.
Use technology (Deep Tech, AI, algorithms) to reduce barriers and bridge the gap between need and solution.
Create alliances and connections between professionals from different sectors to offer holistic solutions.

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