At HER, we recognize the significance of sharing experiences and recognizing individuals who have sparked discussions in the field of women’s health. To accomplish this, we reached out to our network and requested their perspectives on various aspects within this broad subject. Given the expansive nature of women’s health, our network members have generously contributed their insights based on their own knowledge and expertise.

We have asked our network to give their insights on the following questions:
1. What significant changes have you observed in women’s health recently?
2. Based on your experience, what are the major challenges in the next three years?
3. What could be a catalyst to address these challenges?

The outcomes are truly astonishing! We sincerely hope that you derive as much pleasure from reading them as we have.

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The leading consultancy firm

We specialise in providing information and knowledge on women’s health and helping companies focused on women’s health medical devices access the EU market.

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